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Black Ice, an AdventureTime FanComic page 4 by IceQueenRocks Black Ice, an AdventureTime FanComic page 4 by IceQueenRocks
Black Ice, an Adventure Time FanComic
Page 4
by Sky, IceQueenRocks

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Dark Finn: *evil laugh* back to your knees, punk. I run this show...I control you...I am king. *glares at IQ with glowing red eyes* Now that was fun that you got to see him, wasn't it, *wicked smile* mother?
SFX: giro (A momentary glare intended to intimidate an opponent (from

IQ: *gasp*

Panel 2:
IQ: No...! I am not /your/ mother, Dark Finn...
*eyes glow ice blue*
...My son whom you host off of, my Finn, is righteous... a hero...
*ice tiara glows*
SFX: pou (glow)
...I will not stand to see another day of your torment!!

*ice lightning forms around hands*
SFX: bika (flash)

Panel 3:
Dark Finn: He is no hero, Mother... If he were so righteous, why would he turn to such evil? Why would he beg /me/ for help? *scoffs* What fools these mortals be...

Panel 4:
*pulls out his oversized broadsword*
SFX: gashaaa (unsheath sword; prepare for battle)
*snickers* and...what you call torment *scoffs* I call fun~



WHEEEEE!!! Iz really proud of this page!!!

And special thanks to :iconthe-bish-of-hyrule: for the critique on my last page! :dummy:

A critique for this page would be mucho appreciated ^_^

ARTISTSNOTE: oh yeah... in the last panel theres a bit of IQ's hair on the left... no, Finn did not just run through IQ... thats just an uncropped bit of of the last panel from Page 3 XD

Based on an rp with :iconevildarkfinn:

Finn... Adventure/Time-PenWard
Simona, Ice Queen... half OC half canon by Me/AdventureTime-PenWard-Natasha
ART BELONGS TO ME! :iconpewdieplz:
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RozethePirate Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I love this comic:D Is their going to be anymore of it?
MarcVampireEmperor Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Fovolviing Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2013
((this is good))
EvilDarkFinn Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2013
(((:wow: )))
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